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There are several solutions for pumping liquids and semi-solid products. Depending on the product, particular attention should be paid to the best pumping technique to be applied, avoiding stress, overheating and sizzling, which could generate  suspended solids, difficult and expensive impurities that would require filtering to be eliminated.


  • Centrifugal pump with stainless steel impeller, suitable for pumping wine, must, beer and milk.

  • Centrifugal pump with flexible rubber impeller, suitable for pumping wine, crushed and destemmed grapes, must and beer.

  • Peristaltic pump, particularly delicate for pumping whole, crushed, destemmed grapes and fermented pomace. The very movement of the pump and the regulation of the speed allow pumping to proceed with the least stress and damage to the product.

  • Mono-screw pump, suitable for pumping wine, must and beer.

  • Mono- screw pump with hopper for pumping crushed and destemmed grapes and fermented pomace.

  • Steel screw impeller pump, particularly suitable for over-pumping in winemakers. The screw design of the impeller allows you to pump peels or seeds without problems of clogging the pump itself.

PP Peristaltic


PV Monoscrew

Pump for Liquid

AV-AS Monoscrew

Pump with Hopper

PB Piston


PL Flexible

Rotor Pump

PC Screw


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