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PP Peristaltic Pump

Bev-Tech peristaltic pump - pompe peristaltique - pompa peristaltica PP71x (1).jpg

Pump made of AISI304 stainless steel, with trolley on wheels. Thick pump body, thick double support flange to avoid any deformation or torsion during pumping operation.

Rotor in stainless steel, with two or three adjustable rollers. The adjustment of the pressure of the rollers on the product passage pipe allows you to choose the maximum pumping pressure and consequently the crushing of the pipe.

Thick food grade rubber hose complete with guides and clamps for connection to the pump inlet/outlet pipes.

Motorisation complete with mechanical gearmotor. Limitation of the maximum revolutions of the rotor to ensure low consumption of the rubber hose and delicate pumping to avoid disintegration of the pumped product, especially in the case of fermented skins or pomace.

Speed adjustment via electronic variator (inverter).

Pressure switch installed on the delivery of the pump for automatic stop in case of overpressure. 

N.2 expansion vessels to cushion pressure impulses on the pipes connected to the pump.

Self-priming pump capable of sucking product even from a lower level of the pump itself.

Pump suitable for handling wine, must, whole grapes, destemmed grapes, fermented pomace, juices, chopped fruit, honey, yoghurt, varnishes. 


PP70x version for pumping liquids.


PP71x version for pumping semi-solid products. Version complete with a large loading hopper equipped with safety guards. Motorization complete with motor-variator-mechanical reducer for regulating the speed of the auger that feeds the pump.


The hopper is hooked up via a DIN fitting to the inlet of the peristaltic pump, a plug is provided for connecting the motorization of the screw conveyor to the electric control panel of the pump. 

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