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We can divide this process into two technologies:

Plate or flash pasteurisation: it acts directly on the heating itself of the product to be treated before packaging. Multi-stage, in order to allow counter-current heat recovery from the already pasteurized hot product which transfers heat to the cold product entering the pasteuriser. Heating both with steam and with superheated water or with electrical resistances according to the production flow rates required. Automatic controls for the recycling of the product in case of failed pasteurisation and controls to avoid overheating.

Spray or tunnel pasteurisation: we heat the containers (bottles or cans) with a shower of hot water inside a closed tunnel, divided into different sections, according to the gradual heating/cooling ramp associated with the characteristics of the product to be pasteurised. Length of the tunnel, travel speed of the containers from entry to exit and rain temperatures determine the UP pasteurisation units to which the product is subjected.

Both semi-automatic processes for small plants and total automation solutions for both pasteurisation and washing cycles (CIP) and sanitization of the plants themselves.

Plate - Flash




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