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Tunnel Pasteuriser

Bev-tech tunnel pasteurizer - pasteurizateur a tunnel - pastorizzatore a tunnel (4).jpg

Construction on load-bearing frame made of welded and bent Aisi 304 stainless steel profile. External structures - stainless steel side walls, easily removable stainless steel top panels. Removable, watertight lids in Aisi 304 stainless steel sheet, complete with handles.


Tanks, one for each section, each equipped with a slide in AISI 304 stainless steel, specifically designed in its shape to favor the total discharge of each sediment from the tank bottom, total discharge valve, flange for pump connection, delivery filter of the pump.


Electronic thermoregulator for controlling the temperature of the cooling water, automatic level control in the tank via probe and mains water supply shut-off solenoid valve.


Movement system: the advancement of the bottles is carried out by means of a continuous belt conveyor plane, in synthetic material (polypropylene), controlled by a frequency converter (Inverter) installed on the electric control panel. The variator allows the adjustment of the advancement speed of the bottles inside the tunnel and any format changes. The belt is supported by a stainless steel frame on which it runs.


Heating system: hot water circulation in a coil immersed in the tanks, with regulation by means of a probe and electronic thermoregulator for the control of a modulating pneumatic valve installed at the inlet. Automatic condensate drain.


Water circulation: it is ensured by electric pumps complete with electric motor.


Distribution of the water on the containers being treated: it is carried out by means of nozzles applied on easily removable tubular stainless steel reels.


Electrical panel, contained in a sheet steel box and complete with fuses, contactors and thermal relays for controlling the electric motors. Electronic paper tape recorder for recording the temperature cycle.

This panel is equipped with buttons and front lights and is fixed to the heater. Protection class IP 55. Ducts for passage of electrical cables, of adequate section, for connection of the electrical panel to the various uses.

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