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A fundamental aspect in conveying the right image of a product to the market. Packaging means correctness and safety of conservation, but also communication with the customer, transmitting the characteristics of a brand's product, exalting the brand's proposal to the customer.


The different solutions offered by current technologies:

  • Glass or PET bottles

  • Tin cans

  • Bag in different shapes and capacities

  • Cork, screw, plastic caps

  • Both glue and self-adhesive labeling

  • Carton forming, case packing and carton closing

  • Bottle depalletizers to feed bottling lines

  • Case palletizers, belts, accumulation shelves


Provisions and projects both for expansion and for the construction of new lines, personnel instructions and tests.

Bev-Tech cans filling

Semi-automatic cans filler

Bev-Tech cans closure

Semi-automatic cans closure

BB12 Filler


Bag in Box

BB20 Semi-automatic

Filler Bag in Box



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