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BB12 Semi-Manual Bag in Box Filler

Bench filler made of stainless steel complete with:


  • Electrical panel with quantity programmer and calibration

  • Digital liter counter max 7000 L/h

  • Bench in stainless steel, with adjustable and excludable support surface

  • Filling head in stainless steel

  • Pulser valve for manual nitrogen injection

  • Head locking system during filling

  • Automatic start/stop control of the pump

  • Pliers for cork extraction and insertion

  • Inlet hose fittings d.20mm

  • Bag in box and Pouch filling (high and low version) starting from 1 Lt

  • Filling rigid rectangular containers, rigid cylindrical containers max 85mm

  • Stainless steel fitting for integrated washing circuit (CIP)



Available in the following versions:

Without pump

With pump

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