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ZK Multi-Compartment Tanks

Bev-Tech tank - serbatoio - cuve  ZK.jpg

Tanks suitable for both storage and fermentation of wine or other food liquids.

Structure constructed in two or more overlapping sections, bottoms of various types, conical or inclined flats.

Tanks made of Aisi 304 (W.Nr.1.4301/IIId) or Aisi 316 (W.Nr.1.4404/IIId) stainless steel, metal sheet of adequate thickness for correct tank stability.

Welds made automatically, TIG process with inert atmosphere, pickled and brushed welds, an accurate internal polishing allows for the reduction of residues on the surfaces and so for an easier cleaning.

Positioned on legs with adjustable feet complete with thick plate or on concrete slab (without legs).

Dimensions of tanks, accessories and their position according to requirements.

Creation of detailed technical drawings to be submitted to the customer for approval before the construction of the tanks.

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