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Tube in Tube Exchanger

Bev-Tech exchanger - echangeur - scambiatore tubo in tubo TT (2).jpg

Tubular heat exchanger made of AISI304 stainless steel complete with pipe support structure with adjustable feet.

Concentric smooth pipes, refrigerant/heating medium passage pipe with a smaller diameter pipe inside where the product to be cooled/heated passes, chimneys connecting one pipe to another.


DIN detachable elbows for easy inspection up to DN100 external diameter, flanged elbows for larger diameters.

Cooling/heating medium inlet/outlet fittings, product inlet/outlet fittings.

Series of analogue thermometers on the refrigerant side and on the product side.

Used to cool or heat wine, must, crushed grapes, fermented pomace, juice.

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