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Multitubular Exchanger

Bev-Tech multi  pipe exchanger - echangeur multitube - scambiatore multitubo MT (1).jpg

Tubular heat exchanger made of AISI304 stainless steel complete with pipe support structure with adjustable feet.

Modules made with DN100 external pipe with 6 DN25 pipes inside.

Smooth concentric pipes DN25 through which the product to be cooled/heated passes, containment pipe DN10 through which the cooling/heating medium passes, chimneys connecting one module to another. DIN jointed curves that can be disassembled for easy inspection.

Cooling/heating medium inlet/outlet fittings, product inlet/outlet fittings.

Series of analogue thermometers on the refrigerant side and on the product side.

Considerable exchange surface for each single module, suitable for products with limited presence of suspended solids, used to cool or heat wine, must, juice.

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