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KR Coaxial Refrigerator

"KR" series mobile chiller for the wine industry, consisting of a refrigeration unit connected to a coaxial exchanger made of stainless steel.

Body made up of removable stainless steel panels for the protection of the machine components. The suction and expulsion of the condensation air takes place through the ventilation grilles. A digital electronic regulator allows control of the chiller functions.


The installation is mounted on a frame with four pivoting wheels that allow the equipment to move inside the cellar.

The refrigeration units are equipped with scroll (spiro-orbital) compressors where the engine is cooled by the gas itself. The efficiency of the compressor is maximum thanks to a perfect seal guaranteed by an oil film. This absence of contact with the moving parts of the compressor allows a long life of its components.

N. 1 4-way valve for inversion from chiller to heat pump.


No. 1 deaerator filter.


All models can perform the following functions: 

  • Fermentation temperature control

  • Tartaric stabilization

  • Heating or cooling of must or wine

  • Air conditioning



  • Cooling of must during the harvest for controlled fermentation

  • Heating of must to start fermentation in cold seasons or to carry out carbonic macerations

  • Cold decantations

  • Rapid heating for the activation of malolactic fermentation

  • Cooling at negative temperature to carry out tartaric precipitation

  • Cooling before bottling for some types of sparkling wine containing CO2



All elements in contact with the product are made of Aisi316L stainless steel.

 The mobile coolers are equipped with:

  • Digital electronic thermostat

  • Refrigerant circuit with hermetic compressor

  • Coaxial evaporator entirely in stainless steel with high efficiency

  • Frost protection

  • Refrigerant: R407C

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