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VEGA R (10-15-25) - DESTEMMER

Bev-Tech diraspatrice selecto

Thanks to its specific characteristics and flexibility, the VEGA destemmer can be used in the destemming of any kind of grape, both manually and mechanically collected, performing even in tough harvesting conditions. The VEGA's peak quality and reliability are what distinguishes its innovative characteristics as a destemmer-crusher.

Entirely built in Aisi 304 stainless steel, the motorisation unit placed in front of the machine, powered by gas pistons, allows the removal and interchangeability of the shaft and the cage with extreme ease in just a few minutes.

Destemming has the purpose of separating stems from berries to obtain a more harmonic and less tannic wine. For this purpose, it is important to respect the integrity of the grape when separating it from its pedicel.

The VEGA R destemming machine with the ROLL SELECTO roller sorter combines the efficient destemming action of VEGA with the accurate grape selection of the ROLL SELECTO. De-stemming and selection with a single machine: reduction of overall dimensions and single discharge of stems.

Supplied on wheels, two fixed and two swivel, with brakes.


Control panel equipped with buttons for autonomous switching on and off the shaft/cage motorisation and the crusher.


Frequency variator (inverter) for the electronic adjustment of the shaft/cage group revolutions.

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