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KW Water Refrigerator

The water chiller designed to cool or heat water (or glycol solution) to be used in tanks equipped with bands, immersed plates or for air conditioning environments.


Assembled on a monobloc structure made with stainless steel profiles and finished with side paneling in satin stainless steel.

Floor standing on feet, model 1.5 and 2 on swivel wheels.

Bottom of the appliance closed with anti-intrusion mesh (against dirt and pests).

The control unit is supplied tested and complete with the necessary refrigerant charge.

Storage tank entirely built in stainless steel, insulated for low temperatures, suitable for operation with open system at atmospheric pressure; complete with probe for reading the temperature of the refrigerated liquid.

Propeller type condenser fans.

Insulated stainless steel water circulation pump.

The refrigeration units are equipped with SCROLL type compressors.

The refrigerant circuits are complete with cycle inversion valve to reverse the operation of the refrigerator as a heat pump. 

Filters for maintaining gas cleanliness.

Thermostatic controls for the flow of the refrigerant gas. Safety pressure switches and pressure gauges for reading the operating pressures.

The electrical panels all have a watertight front panel in compliance with CE standards.

Electrical panel with power inside the machine and controls on the machine, watertight control panel, where the adjustment controls and the temperature thermostat are housed.


Possibility of heating up to +38°C and cooling down to -9°C


Models up to Kw 6 with one pump and tubular evaporator immersed in the accumulation tank.

Later models with two pumps and brazed AISI316 stainless steel plate evaporator. 

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